What you need to know about Service Dogs

Many people don’t know rules regarding service dogs.  This pic pretty much tells it all!  A Service Dog’s job is to focus on completing tasks for its owner or handler.  Your behavior should not interfere with this focus.  The handler is trying to complete his/her own activity.

Do not interact with the dog in any way.  Examples of poor etiquette that should not happen when one sees a service animal are:

  • Talking, whistling, cooing, or barking at the animal
  • Petting or asking to pet
  • Praising the pet when it completes its task
  • Tapping your leg or clapping your hands
  • Allowing your children to approach
  • Speaking to the handler such as
  • “What is wrong with you?”
  • “What a good dog you have!”
  •  “What happened?”
  • “What is his name?”
  • “I have a friend that fosters service dogs”
  • “I know you are not supposed to pet, but I just can’t resist!”
  • Asking for a demonstration

Please be aware of your actions and the effects these actions may have on others.  The best way to help the handler and the service animal is to respect their space and right to privacy.

Dogs support Breast Caner Awareness!


Buster Brown

I just had to share this pic!! Buster’s most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world other than hunting is to go with me to take Daniel to school! And now you understand why! 🐶🐾

Play Time!

One more for this morning! This pic is one of favorites! This shows exactly how much fun these guys have!#blessedbydogs

Stevie & Charlie

Stevie & Charlie running to see what the others are doing.🐶


We love Chipper

We love Chipper! He’s one of our boarders! They don’t come much sweeter than him!

We love our Boarders!

Aren’t they just precious!  We love our boarders!  It’s just like having kids return to summer camp!  So much fun!

Welcome Mac!

And here is Mac! He is so easy to train because he absolutely lives for food! Mac is going through our Basic & Advanced Obedience program! Mac loves the girls in this training group! I can already tell that many of them have become close! I can’t wait to see the results of training with Mac!