Doodles Galore

We ❤️ our boarders!

I love it when this little girl comes to vacation with us! Her name is Harley and it suits her to a tee! She is spunky as all get out! Sure am missing her brother!

Sweet Cody

We love Cody and he especially loves Jeanie! This guy is entering his 3rd month so we will be starting our public outings! So excited for this fella to go to the next level!

Sweet Boarders

Luna & Leo have become fast friends! They absolutely adore each other!

Mack Graduates

Mack graduated from basic obedience this morning. I’m so proud of him and his owner, Cady. We are going to miss that squishy bull dog face, but I know he is happy to be home.


Passion…that’s what this job is all about! Seeing these faces everyday is what we live for!

Service Dog Gunny

Gunny is going through our Service Dog training program, specifically our Brace Mobility! He’s learning that his vest means we are working! Here he is showing off his stand/place; this vest is a little big for him but we’ve ordered him a nice black vest! He looks so handsome!

Getting ready for Christmas

We love this time of year! It’s so festive and the cooler weather is awesome! Special treats for holiday boarders…made with love & care!

Rosie Graduates

Yesterday Rosie & I went to Sykes Lake for a new adventure! We walked a mile, saw ducks & geese, runners & bikers and little kids. It also became clear to me yesterday that Rosie’s journey is obviously well known…a lady was walking and said “looks like Rosie is making progress” (said something like that) and I realized that a lot of you have been following Rosie’s journey! Well tomorrow Rosie will graduate and will return to Midland! I will be sorry to see her go as she has been a great companion going everywhere with me I could possibly take her. Is Rosie perfect…no she’s not but this sweet girl has made huge leaps & bounds and I couldn’t be happier with her transformation! I can’t wait to train with her parents, they will be so excited!

Rosie’s Journey

Today Rosie & I met a friend for lunch at the Open Table! There were several tables filled, construction going on across the street (loud) and we even had a lady show up with a large bird on her shoulder (only in Henrietta). We were there for 1.5 hrs and the last 45 mins she laid there calm and restful. This is exactly what this girl needed! Much progress was made today!