More About RW Canine Retreat

How it began…

As a dog lover and lover of animals in general, Georgeanne Wimberley began training dogs in 1997. That same year, Georgeanne developed Twin Creeks Training Kennel, a training, boarding and breeding business which she operated out of her home. It was important to her that every dog in her care felt like they were at home, whether it was for a few days or an extended stay for training. It was also important her clients were treated as friends, confident and comfortable with the personal attention given to their pets.

With a move to North Texas, a change in their residence also brought a name change from Twin Creeks Kennel, to RW Training Kennel, but now RW Canine Retreat, more appropriately reflecting the beauty, serenity and love & care dogs will receive and enjoy here.

Georgeanne designed customized training programs to meet the needs of every client and their dog. Although the location and trainers may have changed, Georgeanne’s commitment, promise and passion… to give our clients attention, care and high quality training programs, has not! We strive to keep a friendly, family oriented environment for human and canine clients alike.

Georgeanne Wimberly | RW Canine Retreat | Texas

“People are so surprised at how excited we are to see their dogs return or are sad when it’s time for them to leave. We can’t help but bond with every animal we care for and treat them as we do our own pets. Each and every dog receives plenty of love, attention and play time along with their training program and treats!!!”

~Georgeanne Wimberley

We are an All-Inclusive Boarding Facility

  • Play Time

    Each dog gets individual or group play, let out 6-8 times per day

  • Treats

    Treats are provided throughout the day (unless otherwise instructed by owner)

  • Medications

    Medication given as instructed (fees may apply for complicated medication)

  • Housekeeping & Laundry

    Daily housekeeping and laundry included.

Playtime at RW Canine Retreat | Dog Boarding | Texas

We sincerely look forward to working with you and your pet!