We are thankful for our clients and their Canines!

Thank you to Georgeanne Wimberley, Jeanie, and the other the other staff lady that I sadly didn’t get your name cause I was so happy to see my babies after 11 days! Lol…….you all did an amazing job taking care of my babies. I appreciate you keeping me updated and sending me pics during our vacation. It truly was a vacation for my dogs as well and for that I’m grateful. I will never take my dogs anywhere else….and to top it off you even washed all their bedding and gave them a treat bag with some of the treats you probably made. I’ll never forget the first time we came and toured… Georgeanne said she just took out a tray of treats from the oven which smelled heavenly as if I could eat one lol!!! Thanks for loving my babies!!!!

We sent 2 very spoiled vizslas to Georgeanne and her team at RW training kennel for basic and advanced obedience. Our boys were rambunctious, disobedient and undisciplined. The boys we got back are so polite, well mannered and respectful. Georgeanne is obviously a very competent dog trainer and worked with us to customize the program to our needs. She was so invested in the dogs and treated them just like they were her own. She definitely took the time to get to know each dog’s personality and tailored her methods to effectively train them. Jeannie was great to work with and our boys adore her. The kennel is meticulously maintained and I never once had to worry that our dogs were not getting love or attention. The very best part is the time she takes to ensure you are trained and confident to maintain the training when you get home. You really leave feeling like you have the tools to make this a permanent change. We had such a positive experience and are so happy that we invested in our dogs!

I am in the military, so I’ll be moving around a lot. At my next base I’ll be reunited with my husband, so as you might imagine, I’m ready to get out of Wichita Falls… however, RW Training Kennel is making it hard for me to be 100% excited to leave. :( I don’t think I’ll ever find another place like this. A place where my dog is happy to leave me and sad when I come pick her up because she doesn’t want to leave. This isn’t just a business for these employees and the owner, it’s their lifestyle. I just love everything about this place and so does my Keoni.

RW Training Kennel is awesome! They were so great with our Mini Aussie Cooter! They made sure that he was trained right and even spent extra time training with him to make sure we got our money’s worth! I highly recommend them to anyone!

If you want your dog to be treated like royalty but led with a firm hand this is the place. Your dog will be loved a taught to be a fun and loving family pet. Our fog loves Georgeanne and each time she stays she comes home a better member if our family. You cannot find a better trainer in a living family atmosphere! You and your pet will be happy with the results!

5 stars. In a week she has made a HUGE difference in our golden retriever’s life. She already knows basic commands and is being socialized to other dogs. Way to go Emmy. Keep it up

BOBBYLEE our 7 month old Goldendoodle just went on Friday. I know it will be amazing. I was so impressed with the cleanliness and organization of the kennel. Goerganne’s enthusiasm about what she does is contagious. I can’t wait for his first report.

RW Training Kennel has changed our lives! Georgeanne took a rowdy 9 month old 60lb heeler mix pup and gave him the manners and training to harmoniously live in our house. We are a 3 dog household and now, he is our best trained dog! He listens better than his elders! Thank you Georgeanne!

Great people and love the facility!

I could never say enough about this place! We sent our Airedale Terrier, Duke, for obedience training. He was a wild man and I was a nervous wreck to leave him for the 60 days. I visited with them before I left him and once I saw how they were with him I knew he was where he needed to be. They love the dogs and help train to what you need out of your dog. Duke is now a well mannered, obedient, Airedale that still has his fun loving crazy personality! We board Duke there also. I have no worries when we are gone because I know he is where he is loved and gets to play with other friends. My only worry is when I pick him up, he might not want to come home! This is the ONLY place I would ever let train any future dog we have! Georgeanne is amazing and her staff you couldn’t get any better or sweeter than them!